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The Demon
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Default Rule Breakers

A group of Immortals have been going around breaking the rules of the game and killing other Immortals not in a one on one fashion. An Immortal by the name of Anderick has called a group of some of the Immortals to Glencoe Scotland to help him take out this group befoe they kill all the Immortals. Will you be one of the ones at this Meeting?



This RP is created chacters only. Sorry, No Conner or Duncan. Please post a Bio on your character according to this outline.

Place o Birth:
Weapon of choice: (Post pic if you like)
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When you can live forever.
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Name: Dinu Kobori
Born: 1205

Place o Birth: Bistrita Transalvania
Weapon of choice: (Post pic if you like) Two handed longsword
Appearance: Slim build about 6 feet tall, dark curly hair and dark eyes

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History: First death in 1230 when the town was attacked by Mongols, spent a good few years wandering around Europe joining various factions til he met his first older immortal who explained the game and the rules and why he kept waking up after wounds that should have killed him.
Annoy me at your own risk. I have a sword and know how to use it.
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Katriona & Kendall send Anderick their regards & hope you win the day against those guys, but they are already involved in 2 plots to begin with. 1 involves defeating a demon raising cult, suppress the demon, & save the Immortal girl about to have her blood spilled via her throat being slit.
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The Demon
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Name: Anderick Darkmoon
Age: 2645
Place of Birth: Romania
Weapon of Choice: Zweihander
Anderick Sword.jpg
Appearance: Anderick 3.jpg
History: Anderick was born in the lands of Romania to a pesent family in the year 1105 BC. He was killed in battle fighting to defend his homeland. When he arose from the grave everything thought it was the Devil's work and banished him from his home and the village he lived in. He wondered for a good 6 years before encountering a Knight that was also Immortal, The Knight wanted the power that Anderick held and engaged him in battle. Anderick won the fight and went though his first Quickening that day. He set himself up a house in the mountians of Germany and stayed there as the silent guardian of a Village that he lived near for a good 500 years. During the 500 years a Blacksmith in the Village constucted the sword that Anderick carries to this day. Soon after the village got destroyed in a Raid and Anderick encounted the most powerful Immortal that he had ever come across, He fled from battle knowing that they would encounter each other the next time. He lead a quiet life for the good part of a 1000 years before venturing again. He wondered for another 1000 years killing the Immortals that he came across. He settled in Scotland until he caught word of the group that was breaking the rules. He called the meeting of the Immortals that he had met that he didn't kill and had them all come to Scotland.

When you can live forever.
What do you live for?
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Name: Donelle
Age: 575
Place of Birth: Australia, 1383
Weapon of choice:


Donelle had her first death at the age of 40 in the year 1423 AD by a fight over a mate. When she revived, she found the woman and killed her. Taking the mate as her own, she kept him captive until his death.
She moved around parts of Australia and eventually found other immortals to learn from and spar with. Most of the men were eager to bed with her and teach her how to use the sword. The longer she lived, the more she enjoyed the kill.
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my name Helen MacLeod.
born in highlands of Scotland.
age: 24
place: Glenfinan
my weapon: Dragon Katana and Dagger.
History: my first death was by immortal Hunter, cannot remember his name.
he looking for Duncan Macleod, but he wasn't there.
i try to stop him... he killed me, and push me down.. long way to the deep
i return to life.
2 mounts i was anyone.. jest ghost in forest, like beast at night... i was bleeding. i cant believe it.. how?
why? i never return home.
in Glasgow i meet young immortal. for a wile we was a friends. he by me tickets to the Paris. and i know i must find someone. my clansmen.. my brother..
to know better about my self. and why we here.
but first my nightmare come. good friend of Duncan. but my worst enemy..
from darkness he came. he find me. he want my head.
his name is Methos. he killed me a first time.
he never want my meeting with Duncan.
he cant trust me.. he cant trust anybody.
so this my story. i live in darkness, searching for any hope for survive.
i running, like always. don't like to fight.
i never challenge Methos, even maybe i have a chance.
a reason.. it's no reason. may he live. he interesting, so old guy.
i want jest a learn, travel... i want prove to others. i can make it.
i am the person.. and i am immortal.
if you want me. you can try first.
don't look on my young age. yes i am studding.
but i know skills. I am good fighter.. and i know how survive.
see you around.
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Name: Anne Lacy, Anne Brevard, Anelace (an eh liss ) , Mother Anelace , Mother Anne
Age: born 1501
Place of Birth: outside London
Weapon of choice: a Chinese jian for the right hand and a dagger for the left hand that is sharp on both sides. Sometimes she substitutes a sickle that she has sharpened on both sides.
Appearance: a small, attractive woman of about 30. Anne has dark blonde hair, gray eyes, and good teeth.

History: Born as a millers daughter, Anne Lacy was spotted by an immortal who recognized her as a pre-immortal. The immortal, John Brevard, settled in Anne's village when he was smitten by her as an attractive teen. Brevard, posing as a returned soldier, set up a smithy specializing in arms, was accepted by Anne's father, and then he wooed and won Anne. He found her name, Anne Lacy, to be amusingly similar to the dagger, the anelace, and gave her that nickname. They married.

The couple was very happy together. The smithy was profitable, and their little house was comfortable. Brevard taught Anelace the use of plants for healing and other uses. He permitted Anne to set up a herbarium and she made a secondary living of her own. The one pain was that because in spite of many prayers, Anne appeared to be barren. Her sister's children ran freely in and out of the Brevard household, and Anne took in all manner of strays. Brevard teased her about it, but gently.

Aware of her possible future as an immortal, Brevard became friends with the local lord's game warden, which gave opportunity for legal hunting. He trained Anelace in horsemanship, hunting with bow, small arbolus, sling, spear, and falcon. As her skill increased, Anelace was permitted to come on foot with the hunting trips with the nobility Her cheerfulness, and Brevard's steady gravity, made them favorites of the lord and his wife, and they were given more freedom to hunt than many.

When Anne didn't die conveniently and violently at a young age, one night Brevard drugged her, and killed her. Upon her revival in her own bed in the morning, she complained about the strange frisson ("buzz") she was experiencing, and Brevard explained all to her. (Except the murder: that he explained some time later!) After her first death, Brevard drilled Anelace in swordsmanship and extended her knowledge of poisons. He was concerned that as a physically small person, she would have to defend herself from other immortals in unconventional ways.

As the village aged, and they did not, Brevard sold the smithy to his journeyman and on the pretext of seeking the intervention of Our lady of Lourdes for Anne's barreness, the couple sailed to France. The village received the sad word that the Brevards died of disease, and the Brevards began life again on the continent.
"The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them."
--Ernest Hemingway,
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The Demon
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Ok, I have all the bios I need and we are ready to do, give me until Wednesday to post. I'll be busy for the next two days but I will get on and post. Thanks for joining everyone.

When you can live forever.
What do you live for?
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I might join in with this one, Anderick. Give me time to remember my immies background

"Humanity! Made in Gods image, ha! You're all so arrogant!"

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