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Default Nigella Lawson

There is a new DIVA in the UK and she is Nigella Lawson. This mother of so many is what the Englishman would call the ideal partner! There are men that never watch the TV now following her from week to week. No she'll never appear in a Hollywood Movie nor a weekday soap nor can she sing but what she does for the elder man is tantamount to pure seductuion. Notice the curves and to go with that there is a deep smooth voice. I can't be counted as a member of her fan club as what she does I can do just as well in my own way.

For a home maker she does one thing without taking her clothes off that turns the eyes of men. Nope not a pole dancer nor a DIYer she cooks! But the chemistry she puts into it together with her plunging neck line-------who cares about the food!!!! she cooks good wholesome stuff but her way of putting it over sounds as though she's seducing you, if you're a man that is.

Nigella Lawson has all the curves in all the right places and doesn't offer the viewer the needless fatless persona that seems to send some women into raptures. Nope! word of advice! Don't diet COOK and enjoy it!

The way to a man's heart is via his stomach, she does all of this without any effort.
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I think she is a gorgeous and very sexy lady and I adore her easy going attitude. Love her show and her food looks awesome!
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