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Default Chapter 14 ~ pg 302

The Chief Steward discreetly cleared his throat to interrupt the music, “Ms. Darieux, Ms. Morgan, Captain Wright? You indicated that once we were over the coordinates that Captain Wright provided for the Challenger Deep, that you wished to be informed? The Helmsman indicated that I was to tell you that we are over that section of the Trench now.”

“Thank you, Kevin. That will be all until lunch is ready.” Amanda replied with a heavy sigh for the object lying wrapped in the hand towel beside the dripping pitcher of Margaritas. Once the Steward that she was still a little suspicious of left, she turned her dark eyes sadly toward the cloth again. “Are you sure -”

“No, Amanda,” Katriona chuckled ruefully, rolling over to sit up. “No way!” Drawing her long legs up to sit tailor fashion, she picked up the towel and unwrapped the gold pendant that contained Momrath Eminán’s Heart, tilting it slightly to catch the slight star in the blood red gem. With a little sigh of her own, she looked up at her husband sadly commenting, “It really is a pretty bauble you tried getting me.”

“Ah no! Might be another ten thousand years before that comet comes back, but I am not taking any chances,” Kendall declared, setting aside his guitar and standing up. “Crazy zealot types have a bad habit of misinterpreting prophecy only all too often for my tastes. It’s going in the drink while there’s still a chance of Insurance reimbursing us for its theft. Do you want the honors, milady, or should I? Actually,” he corrected with a teasing grin, “I should. You throw like a girl.”

Eyes widening, Katriona made a small sputtering sound of indignation. “Excuse me? I what?”, she demanded just as he snatched the pendant from her hand and took off running for the bow of the yacht. Trying to swipe him out behind the knees she missed her mark and jumped to her feet to dash off after him.

With another sigh for the gem that was about to be thrown over the side, Amanda adjusted her sunglasses and rolled over to tan her back and thighs. “I can’t watch. I just simply can’t watch,” she murmured aloud to no one in particular. “The number of buyers Basil alone could have lined up for me inside of a week for a treasure like that.”

Running a complete circuit around the yacht with his wife nearly on his heels, Kendall jumped up on the padded bench and paused to catch his balance. Drawing his leg up in his best fastball stance, he brought his arm forward and released the pendant to go soaring off the portside as Katriona ran up laughing and grabbed him from behind. Unbalancing his already one legged stance on the padded expanse, the taller man stumbled, trying to regain his footing on the gently rising deck. Eighty yards off their port the pendant hit the water with a small splash and slowly began sinking the six miles to the ocean floor. Amanda whimpered into the chaise as the two continued dancing an awkward step until Kendall hit the rail and the slightly smaller woman’s weight was enough to overbalance him. “Whoa-oa-o!” The sandy-blond cried out as he toppled over the rail dragging Katriona shrieking with laughter along with him.

At the sound of the splash below, Amanda jumped a little when a few droplets found her and rose up on her elbows looking around for the two. “Oh you didn’t,” she scoffed in affectionate disbelief. “Kevin!” She called loudly. Picking up the sterling bell she was about to ring it when the Steward rounded the corner carrying the yacht’s satellite phone, “Kevin,” the Immortal acknowledged the brunette with a small thought to how he’d look in a kilt. “Tell Mr. Jacobs to all stop and come about, please. Our guests seem to have fallen into the water.
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