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Default Chapter 14 ~ pg 300

Sea U’s own Professor of Astronomy, Krys Andre, was in New Mexico when the event happened approximately May 27th and this columnist quotes, “It was an extraordinary event from a comet that already promises to be intriguing scientists for years to come. Pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope show Lulin slowing or even reversing course while in the Asteroid belt beyond Mars for a period of nearly 27 hours. It will take some time to interpret all the data, but it did appear to simply hover before shaking violently then proceeding on its way out to the Oort Cloud.”

“Well, what do you make of that,” Joe drawled.

Sitting down with more toast, marmalade, and a cup of coffee, Methos shook his head in bemusement. “If they ever really knew why it seemed to have stopped, they’d never believe it in a million years.”

“Don’t you mean ten thousand years,” Joe countered. “Speaking of which, heard from your friends lately, Mac? Seems their Watcher is a feisty little thing and I am in deep water with her for misplacing them. I’m afraid she’s got plans to make me walk a plank if she gets her hands on me!”

The Highlander smiled and shrugged, “Not lately, Joe. Hope you can swim.”

“You wouldn’t tell me, even if you did, would you?” the Watcher inquired with a note of mock disgust. “I mean, they have to come back! There’s still that board of inquiry over their ship, isn’t there? The lawyers can’t handle all the questions.”

“Oh, they’ll be back, Joe. Eventually. After Kendall’s dropped that thing into the deepest depths of the Pacific. I imagine there’s already a contingency in effect that can handle the questions. Just tell Lani not to worry. And if that doesn’t work - make sure you have a life jacket handy,” MacLeod said with a grin, taking a long sip of his juice to forestall any further questions.

“Maybe I could appease the lady by introducing her to Wesley.” Joe said thoughtfully. “He was a Watcher, you know. Vampire Slayers of all things. Their Organization kept track of Vampires and was destroyed about a decade back. Talking to Lorne he let it slip that they could really use someone that knows how to read between the lines of legends to reorganize what is left of their Research Archives. There's a story in our archives that we may have been a single organization at one time, but there was a schism of sorts. If we put her in charge of the project, it would be a real feather in her cap. They have one man left that has been trying to rebuild their Organization, a Rupert Giles, but I imagine it could be as big a project as ours would be if something like that had happened to us. When I think of that and what Kalas or Galati could have done to us…” He trailed off deciding that in hindsight this subject could stand dropping in this particular company.

“So how about those Mariners,” Methos asked into the silence. “Think they have a chance at the pennant this year? They seem to have really turned around since last season. I hear they’ve rebuilt their entire coaching staff.”


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