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Default Chapter 14 ~ pg 297

From the Tribunal Record: 3 June, 2009

To: Joseph Dawson. Regional Director Pacific Northwest, U.S.A.
From: Noelani Ka-íehu-kai, Field Watcher

I received your e-mail this morning; Iím fine, thank you. No ill side-affects from the drugs the - Ńbą EminŠnie? - used on me. The concussion is healing nicely as is the sprain. The doctors say Iím fit to return to duty. How is Katriona? They didnít sacrifice her, did they? Please tell me they didnít sacrifice her! Iíd hate to contemplate what that would do to Kendall. I think it would kill him emotionally. I really donít think we would want to contemplate a Kendall without his Katriona. Sheís his anchor and reason for striving to be a decent man.

I filed my initial report with the Pacific Rim office, thereís a copy sitting in your inbox. But my Regional Coordinator thought it best this way, since I will require reassignment and my family would like to see me return home. At least for a little while.

From the sound of your adventures in Colombia that I have heard so far, Mr. Dawson, I donít know if Iím really ticked I got left behind after I was drugged and left unconscious by the Ńbą EminŠnie. Or glad I didnít have to slog through the Amazon in service to our vows. (I hate mosquitoes) So who is on Katri and Kendall? She is all right, right?


Noelani Ka-íehu-kai
Seacouver, Washington USA


4 June, 2009

To: Noelani Ka-íehu-kai, Field Watcher
From: Joseph Dawson. Regional Director Pacific Northwest, U.S.A.

The Good News Noelani; No, the Ńbą EminŠnie did not have the chance to sacrifice Katriona with the stone. That is going to take a lot of explaining, but your Girlís a slippery one, Iíll give her that. She managed to escape and Kendall never even had to draw his sword defending her.
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