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Default Chapter 14 ~ pg 296

From the Tribunal Record: 30 May, 2009

To: Marion Aiki. Assistant Regional Director. Pacific Rim, U.S.A.
From: Noelani Ka-’ehu-kai, Field Watcher

April 17 – May 16, 2009

I find that I may be in need of reassignment. My assignments, Kendall & Katriona, “The Cursed Immortals of Ulster”, aka “The Cursed Lovers of Ulster”; returned to Seacouver, Washington and home of the Main offices for their shipping line, Yukon & Northwestern, after their freighter the ‘ Morrigans Curse’ was hijacked by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Victoria Island. Due to Kendall’s foresight the crew escaped with the loss of only two hands, Radar Operator Vincent “Vinnie” Callari and Senior Helmsman Harold “Tex” Stevens. Despite a few ship’s system malfunctions due to the attack on the freighter by the previously mentioned Somali’s during their attempts to take the ship and the countermanding of the Captain’s orders by our Second in Command, Aristotle Stavros. Said pirates indicated they desired to exact revenge for earlier losses of their fellow countrymen at the hands of the Atalante Coalition (The combined Multi-National Naval effort in those waters attempting to subdue the Piracy problem these last several years and restore safety to that region).

In Seacouver, Katriona and Kendall met with three old friends. Hugh Fitzcairn, Duncan MacLeod, and Greg Powers. (Refer to Watcher Chronicles on these Immortals). Accompanying the Immortal, Katriona, to Seacouver to give my deposition to the FBI, I reported to Joseph Dawson, U.S. Pacific Northwest Regional Director for that region as my Regional Director, Robert Ka-ʻehu-kai, of the Pacific Rim Office instructed me. Unfortunately, much to my dismay, my cover story as the ship’s cook for the ‘Morrigans’ Curse’ was ruined when my charges discovered me talking with Pacific Northwest Regional Director Joseph Dawson. His status as a Watcher and the existence of our Organization had been revealed to them a few days earlier by his assignment, Duncan MacLeod.

It being approximately the one thousand, five hundred and seventy-second Anniversary of their Hand-fasting/marriage, estimated as May 5, 437 A.D., Kendall bought Katriona a pendant he purchased at the Antique Establishment of Portman and Davenport that subsequently set in motion events that are taken up in the Chronicle of Duncan MacLeod by Joseph Dawson, due to my being attacked and requiring medical assistance the night Katriona was abducted and Kendall ‘borrowed’ the yacht ‘Signora Fortuna’, from Hugh Fitzcairn to go rescue her – Ship’s port of registry is noted as Palermo Italy and owned by the Immortal, Amanda.

I await the Watcher Council’s decision on my reassignment, even though I whole-heartedly wish that there were some way I could be kept on in my current position. I, however, understand the Society’s need for secrecy and await further instructions.

A full report of incidents dating from the hijacking to present is attached. As instructed, I am CC’ing a copy with the Seacouver Office since many of the incidents could be documented by other Watchers. Meanwhile, I watch.


Noelani Ka-’ehu-kai
Seacouver, WA. USA.

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