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Default Chapter 14 ~ pg 294.25

May 18, 2009

To: Noelani Ka-’ehu-kai
From: Mikaeli Ka-’ehu-kai

Aloha my Mist of Heaven,

Calm down, child. Breath. I do not see how you have brought shame to our family. You sound very like your other Grandmother when you talk like that. It must be that Japanese blood from your mother’s. Such a serious woman! No fun. ;-) Maui are not so serious. I recall from our meetings she is a very difficult woman to get along with. ;-) I do not recall her ever smiling the times we have met. Don’t tell your mother I said that, I will have to deny it. :-D Yes, your cousins have been working on my “Computer Etiquette”.

Now will you calm down Lanika bug? From what you say, much of this was beyond your control. You are correct that in theory you should never have become as fond of your assignments as you indicate. In practice, however, it is not difficult to grow to admire or to hate those we Watch. We Watch these Immortals every day of our adult lives and you have been in very close proximity to yours for a number of years now. Perhaps longer than you should have, but your charges are a difficult couple to keep a Watcher on and you were in a good spot to Watch.

That you even speak of Max now indicates to me that these haoles have been good for you though. Especially Katriona, her Chronicle describes her as a strong woman. I’ve seen this from our meetings and I have seen you find your strength again during your association. You were always such a fearless girl until you met that boy. I worried that you would never find that strength again when we sent you off to the Academy and it makes me smile to hear it. But as for the nature of your friendship, it is sometimes a sad fact that friendships change. They evolve or we part ways. I understand you are loath to part badly, but if that is how it must be, then that is how it is.
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